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Fitness Model Body

Start your body transformation

If you've been training weights at the gym for a while but still haven't got that sculpted 6 pack, photoshoot body, or the confidence to wear a bikini or take your shirt off at the beach then the Fitness Model Body is the program for you.

If you've read Men's Fitness, Oxygen or Women's Fitness magazines then you might have wondered what it takes to have the same sculpted, toned and well proportioned body. The great news is that you don't need to enter a competition or be a celebrity to get that same shredded look.

You do however need a coach and a strong desire to work your butt off 4-6 days a week for a consistent period of time usually at least 12-24 weeks or more. This is why it's a great idea to have one of our Personal Trainers who is experienced with Body Transformations to guide you through the process from start to finish. Benefits of having a personal trainer as a fitness coach include accountability, progressive training, motivation, discipline and most importantly results.

Most fitness model workouts aim to burn as much fat as possible while keeping as much muscle as possible making is a longer process. Why is this important? Why not just go for rapid fat loss without worrying about muscle loss? Because losing large amounts of muscle while losing fat can lead to loss of strength, loose skin, loss of energy, slower metabolism and ultimately a very deflated and unhealthy looking physique.

Our workouts designed to focus on maintaining as much strength and muscle as possible while losing as much fat as consistently as possible. To keep things simple we use mainly strength training and muscle building workouts to help preserve strength and muscle while the diet and calories from training will take care of the rest.

Unfortunately not everybody has the same metabolism, strength, body weight, or experience with training. Which means a one size fits all nutrition plan isn't going to work for everyone, even if they have the same weight and body shape.

Someone who is stronger, with more muscle, experience with weight training, and has been lean and fit before is most likely to burn more calories daily than someone who has just started training.

So this is why we have our Personal Trainers to help you look at your own diet and come up with a similar diet that works with what you already familiar with, and can be adjusted to match your capabilities and metabolism.

Here are some amazing transformational results from our inspirational clients


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    Being a personal trainer and cycle instructor myself I am used to pushing and motivating others to reach their health and fitness goals. However when it came to pushing myself I could only go so far alone, I needed the help and guidance from another to get me through and really change my body. 

    Every session I have with Kase challenges me and pushes me to my limits so I can reach my fitness goals. I have seen a massive change in my body shape and shedding my muffin top and have also made massive improvements in my strength, which in turn has made a dramatic improvement to my strength and power when teaching cycle class. 

    He has a friendly and welcoming personality and always offer new tips in how to train or on nutrition so I am also learning along the way. I always look forward my session with Kase and each week feel stronger, fitter and better about my self and my body!