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If you are a hardgainer (someone who finds it hard to gain muscle) or skinny fat (someone who is skinny but look still looks soft and overweight) then our Skinny to Buff is the Muscle Building Program you are looking for. Learn how to use a combination of strength and muscle building exercises to pack on slabs of muscle and look good in a slim fit top without spending 3-4 hours at the gym every day.

Why bother training like a body builder? Because they are experts in gaining muscle mass and have arguably the best buff looking physiques. If you've admired Arnold Schwarzenegger's physique in the Terminator movies then this program is for you. Arnie competed in body building before he got famous as an actor at the movies. Training like a body builder will transform that hardgainer or skinny fat body into a strong chiselled look that you will have you filling out your shirts and having compliments about your bigger chest, arms and shoulders coming left right and centre.

The skinny to buff program will combine both strength and isolation training to build both strength and muscle. Strength training will help you lift heavier weights to build more muscle and isolation training will help you target the visual muscles such as chest, shoulders, arms and back. The muscle building workouts will involve training with higher volume and split muscle groups to train each muscle with more frequency while still allow enough rest for them to recover and grow.

Our Personal Trainers will help you break through plateau and learn correct techniques during training so you can avoid injury and develop a better mind to muscle connection. Having a stronger mind to muscle connection will help you get a better pump during training and also help you "switch" on the right muscles during every repetition so you can make the most of your workouts.

Here are some examples of Skinny Guys to Buff transformations


If you are a hardgainer or have a skinny fat physique you might find that no matter how much you eat you cannot gain any weight. Unfortunately trying to bulk up by simply pigging out and eating junk food and everything in sight will not get you any close to your goal body. Optimising muscle building will rely on eating the right ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fats for your body and getting the timing right to help with growth and recovery. Our program will help you find what works for you and teach you how to avoid making mistakes that many new gym goers make.

While its a good idea to focus on eating whole foods and refining your diet it can de helpful to take certain supplements such as whey protein powder, mass gainers, creatine, fish oil, BCAAs especially if you have trouble with recovery and fitting in all the whole foods. The important thing is to be as cost effective when picking the right supplements otherwise you can blow a pretty big hole in your wallet and still be skinny and weak by not focusing on correct training technique and good eating habits. 

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