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Mindbodyelite - Services - Super Hero Body
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Start your body transformation

When we think of super heros like Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, The Hulk, Fantastic Four or Super Girl we think attributes such as:

* Strength and Power (Hulk, Super Girl, Superman) - Program One (Similar to Powerlifting, Wrestling, Strongman Training)
* Athletic Fitness and Physique (Batman, Wonder Woman, Wolverine) - Program Two (Similar to Martial Arts, Athletics, High Intensity Training, Conditioning)
* Flexibility, Movement and Agility (Spiderman, Mr Fantastic) - Program Three (Similar to Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Natural Movement, Functional Training)

You can even take this super hero quiz to figure who you are most like:

Most people like to choose a particular style of performance training and we're here to help you reach your goals whether you want to be strong and powerful like the hulk, atheletic like batman, or agile like spiderman.

Strength and Power Training Program

This is a great program for those who have had basic training in weights and are looking for develop more strength and power for bigger lifts and an even more powerful looking physique whether you are a male or female. Having more strength is functional and makes day to day activites much easier especially if you have to move and lift things all day. If you need an outlet to release some stress, a program that builds muscle, pushes your physical strength limits and trains your body to withstand some tough punishment this is the one for you.

Athletic Conditioning and High Intensity Training Program

This program is great if fitness and performance is important to you. If you play sports, do outdoor adventuring, love breaking into a sweat from a high intensity workout, want to burn calories like crazy and have a good strength and movement base then this program is for you. Train your body to look, function and move like an athelete and open up new possibilities in your fitness potential.

Body Weight, Movement and Flexibility Training Program

Building a strong body start from foundations of good movement, core strength and endurance, flexibility and control. When we start off as children we don't start off fast, strong and powerful. We have to learn how to move, control our bodies, crawl and walk before we can run, jump or develop our strength, speed and power. This program is great for those who are new to working out, have bad posture, poor flexibility, stiff joints and muscles, painful movement, lack of coordination and core strength or have always been interested in calisthenics and gymnastics. Our program will work to rebuild your body, strengthen your foundations and have you moving and training with freedom.

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